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Gear that I took:

I attempted to reduce my pack weight as much as possible while keeping the essential gear and a few luxury items. The camera that I took was the heaviest item it my pack, but it was worth taking as I would not have been able to get some of the wide angle shots with a point and shoot camera. This list reflects what was in my pack when I left Muir Trail Ranch. I was satisfied with my selection of gear and would only make a few changes for a repeat trip. I would bring a second pair of pants rather than hiking in the rain pants and bring a longer length of rope for anchoring the tent when stakes cannot be used. The gloves that I brought were thin and something warmer would have been nice. Also, I would find a way to bring more food as the Garcia bear canister was very limiting. I had no problems with any of the gear I took with the exception of a leaking Aquamira bottle. I contacted the manufacturer of Aquamira about the problem with that bottle and they sent me a replacement. The replacement does not have to be squeezed as hard and appears to have an improved dropper.

ItemWeight (oz)
Osprey Atmos 65 pack, modified to reduce weight 47
MSR Hubba HP tent and stakes, no loft47
Northface Beeline 30 down sleeping bag23
Thermarest Ridgerest small sleeping pad8
Garcia bear canister44
MSR Pocket Rocket stove3
MSR Titan 0.9 l pot4.3
Fuel, 8 oz isobutane11.2
Light My Fire Firesteel fire starter0.7
Platypus 1 l bag, 1 l Gatorade bottle for water2.6
Toothpaste, toothbrush1.1
Aquamira water treatment3
Toilet paper3
Hand sanitizer2.6
Ziploc bags0.5
Down jacket6.7
Marmot rain jacket - also good for wind 12
Marmot rain pants12.6
Wool socks2
Thermal underwear7
Long sleeve shirt4.7
Hat for sun1.7
Hat for cold2
Stuff sack for clothes1.1
Small Swiss army knife0.75
Photon Freedom LED light with clip0.4
First aid kit6
DEET bug spray (100%)1.4
Duct tape on a pencil, sewing needle inside0.6
Maps, papers, cash, cards3.5
Car key0.6
Stuff sack for small items0.6
Canon EOS 5D II camera with 17-40 mm lens51
Spare camera battery2.7
Total pack weight without food20.3 pounds
Food after MTR resupply11 pounds
Water in bottles (full)4 pounds
Fully loaded pack35 pounds
Worn or carried:
Running shorts4.7
T shirt4.8
Salomon trail running shoes30.1
Trekking poles18.5
Watch with altimeter2.3



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