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August 10, 2010: Marie Lake to Muir Trail Ranch

Selden Pass was a quick and easy climb in the morning as I had already gained most of the elevation approaching Marie Lake. The descent from the pass at 10,900 feet to 7700 feet was long and hard. I arrived at Muir Trail Ranch, got my resupply bucket and began to sort its contents into the bear cannister. I had brought a Kindle electronic book reader, but had not been able to read as much as I expected, so I got a box to send it, a depleted camera battery, and some extra food and gear home. I took a bath in one of their hot springs which was nice. I read for the afternoon before handing my box over to be shipped. I sat in their lounge which was well stocked with books and talked with the other hikers there. There was one couple whose bucket had not been received. They were able to find some food in the hiker buckets but this was challenging for them as they only had a Jetboil stove meaning they could only boil water. I had a dehydrated meal and some nuts in the box I was sending home, so I gave those to them. Dinner was pork ribs, macaroni and cheese and cake among other things. It was very good. Both the employees of the ranch and the other hikers were friendly. The ranch was quite different than Vermilion. It was much quieter with no music or television and fewer people.

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view of Marie Lake from Selden Pass

tent cabin at Muir Trail Ranch


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