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August 5, 2010: Crater Creek to Lake Virginia

The trail from Crater Creek was at a relatively low altitude of approximately 9000 feet and had many mosquitoes. I hiked fast and took few breaks as the mosquitoes would only bite when I was not moving. This section of trail was not very scenic. I had planned to camp at Purple Lake, but when I got there I did not see any good campsites other than one occupied by a group with livestock. I hiked to Lake Virginia which proved to be an excellent decision as the scenery was much better than at Purple Lake. There were mosquitoes, but the wind kept them away most of the time. I went for a quick swim in the ice cold water to get the trail dust off of my body. This was my highest campsite yet at 10340 feet. I met two hikers that I had seen repeatedly for the last few days and talked with them for a while before they continued hiking toward Silver Pass.

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campsite on Lake Virginia


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