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August 7-8, 2010: Silver Lake to Vermilion Valley Resort

The hike from Silver Lake to the ferry for Vermilion Valley Resort was all downhill. I got to the ferry in time for the morning trip and was soon at the resort. They had no rooms available, so I got a bunk in the hiker's tent cabin which was a large canvas tent with bunk beds in it. They offer this for free to all through hikers. It filled up after the morning ferry, so I would recommend reserving a room if you don't want to camp. I had a big lunch, took a shower and washed laundry. It was wonderful being well fed and clean. I got my box with food and sorted the bear cannister contents. I had some extra food which I put into the hiker barrels. It was BBQ night at VVR. They served chicken, beef and pork ribs which were excellent. A thunderstorm came through as I was eating dinner. This would be the only rain which would fall during my trip. I spent most of my time at VVR eating, talking with other hikers and reading. It was nice to be able to relax for a few days and eat some food that I hadn't carried or cooked. I was able to get a yurt cabin for the second night.

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storm approaching over Edison Lake

yurt at VVR


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