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August 13, 2010: Glacier Creek to south of Bench Lake Junction

The Golden Staircase which is a section of trail consisting of switchbacks carved into rock was far easier to climb than I anticipated. There were no stairs, but the surface of the trail was a smooth incline up the switchbacks. The hike past the Palisade Lakes was beautiful and the trail through this area was relatively flat. The view from the pass was nice. Fortunately, the trail only descends 2000 feet from this pass before beginning the climb to the next. I considered hiking over Pinchot Pass, but decided to camp at a nameless lake 3 miles north of the pass. I rinsed my clothes in the lake and washed myself off before cooking dinner. I sorted the contents of my bear cannister to see how much food I could eat each of the remaining days and did not like what I saw. I was beginning to consider trying to finish one day earlier than planned.

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Golden Staircase

Palisade Lake viewed from Mather Pass



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