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August 12, 2010: Sapphire Lake to Glacier Creek

I had a relatively short climb to Muir Pass due to the 11,000 foot elevation of the previous night's campsite. The views from the passes seemed to get better as I traveled further south. I examined Muir Hut and talked with a few other hikers before descending. The views of Helen lake and the surrounding mountains were great, but I only took a few pictures as I had my mind on the long mileage planned for the day. The descent from this pass was somewhat tedious with loose rocks and hard to follow trail. After making the nearly 4,000 foot descent through Leconte Canyon, I saw a nice campsite, but decided to continue hiking. I had heard that Mather Pass was difficult and wanted to divide the climb into two days. I found a campsite about a mile from the base of the Golden Staircase and decided to stay there as I was concerned that I would not find another for several miles. It was not an ideal site and had been used by a group with horses recently. The mosquitoes were bad. One of the bottles of the two part Aqua Mira water treatment cracked in a bottom corner. I attempted to fix it with duct tape, but that didn't completely fix it. I enlarged the hole in the dropper with a pin to avoid having to squeeze it so hard and kept it inverted in my pack to reduce leakage. I was concerned that it would all leak out before I finished the trail. I quickly cooked dinner, ate it and got in my tent to avoid the bugs.

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Muir Hut on Muir Pass

view from Muir Pass


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