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August 3, 2010: Lyell Canyon to Thousand Island Lake

I didn't get much sleep the previous night on the granite slab and was very slow climbing the switchbacks of Donahue Pass. There were several workers arranging rocks on the switchbacks. They had a gas drill that was being used to split rocks. As I approached the pass, I could see cascades of water running out of the snow pack to form the Lyell Fork. The pass is located on the boundary between Yosemite National Park and Ansel Adams Wilderness. On the descent from Donahue Pass, I saw more trail workers shaping rocks with hammers and chisels. Power tools are not allowed in the wilderness. I continued over Island Pass to Thousand Island Lake where I would spend the night and found a campsite with an nice view of the lake and Banner Peak. There were many others camped at the lake, but the area was in much better condition than Sunrise. This was a shorter day covering only about 14 miles.

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the trail toward Donahue Pass

Lyell Canyon viewed from Donahue Pass

campsite at Thousand Island Lake


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