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Yosemite Valley

I arrived in Yosemite Valley by bus and picked up my wilderness permit. The ranger went through all the rules and told me about a few nice places to camp. The Valley was packed with people and cars to the point that it was difficult to get around. I took the shuttle bus to Curry Village where I had reserved a tent cabin and checked in. I got my key, put my pack in the tent cabin and got some lunch. If I was to do this again, I would stay in the backpacker's campground as the tent cabin was expensive and did not offer many advantages over my own tent. I had a hard time finding the isobutane propane fuel for my stove, but the third store I tried had it.

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lower Yosemite Falls
lower Yosemite Falls

cars in Yosemite Valley
cars in Yosemite Valley


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