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August 11, 2010: Muir Trail Ranch to Sapphire Lake

Breakfast at Muir Trail Ranch was French toast, eggs and sausage and was very good. They also provided fixings for a trail lunch. I put some turkey and swiss on a pita and took a bag of chips and a candy bar. That was a nice change from the usual trail food. The Evolution Creek crossing was only about 18 inches deep and was not flowing too fast. The bottom was smooth gravel, so I took my shoes off and walked across. This crossing can be over 3 feet deep and very fast in June or early July. I reached Sapphire Lake in mid afternoon and hiked off trail to a sandy area where I would camp. This site was nearly 200 feet below the trail, so I would have a steep climb to start the next morning.

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Evolution Creek crossing

switchbacks above Sapphire Lake


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