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August 4, 2010: Thousand Island Lake to Crater Creek

I stayed at my campsite later than usual to get photos at sunrise and was rewarded by some amazing light. I started hiking and took more pictures at Garnet Lake. I arrived at Devil's Postpile National monument early in the afternoon and came off the JMT to hike the loop around the Postpile. I wasn't very impressed with the hexagonal basalt columns, but it is some interesting geology. I continued on to Red's Meadow Resort where I ordered a cheeseburger and a piece of pie. I had planned to stay in their backpacker's campground, but I decided to keep hiking. I wanted to be in the wilderness, not in a crowded campsite by a road. The trail passed though an area burned by the Rainbow Fire in 1992. I got water from a spring near the burned area which happened to be a soda spring. This surprised me later when I started to drink the water. The trail crosses from the Ansel Adams Wilderness to the John Muir Wilderness. I camped at Crater Creek shortly past the area that had been burned. This was a long but relatively flat day covering 19 miles.

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sunrise at Thousand Island Lake


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