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August 2: Sunrise to Lyell Canyon

I got an early start, breaking my tent down as soon as there was sufficient light to see. The early morning hiking was very cold and I had to stop and warm my hands under my jacket a few times due to the thin gloves that I was wearing. After the sun rose, I stopped for breakfast beside lower Cathedral Lake. Most days, I ate a granola bar or similar for breakfast, but since this segment was short, I brought dehydrated apple cobbler. The mosquitoes were bad here and I had to get out the bug repellent for the first time. I met another two JMT hikers who also planned a relatively slow pace. I continued hiking and reached Tuolumne Meadows before the restaurant was serving lunch, so I ordered eggs, sausage, hash browns and a biscuit. After eating, I picked up the box of food that I had mailed to the post office. All of the food except for a few items that I planned to eat that day fit into the bear cannister. I continued hiking toward Lyell Canyon and found a campsite on a granite slab by mid afternoon. I hiked about 16 miles that day. I had a nice relaxing afternoon by the Lyell Fork where I cooked dinner, washed off, rinsed my clothes and read about the area I would be hiking through in the next few days.

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cooking dinner on the bank of the Lyell Fork


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