DSPCARD: a high speed digital signal processing board
PCB picture
Top side photo
Bottom side photo
Bare board scan
PCB artwork (PDF)
Schematics are available for download under the GPL. The PCB layout will not be released due to the time and expense of prototype production.

Analog Devices Blackfin 532 DSP
Xilinx Spartan III FPGA

Software used for schematics, board layout:
All licensed under the GPL
Schematics: gEDA gschem
PCB Layout PCB

WARNING: preliminary and untested schematics.  These may change at any time.

PDF version of schematic dspcard.pdf
gschem files - dspcard.tar.gz

6/16/2005 Ordered pcb from ProtoExpress, waiting on parts
6/26/2005 Recieved board, still waiting for FPGA, more flux, LM3475
7/11/2005 Recieved dspdev development and programming board from Advanced Circuits. All parts except the FPGA have arrived.
7/12/2005 Installed DSP, ran first program, a simple LED flasher written in assembly
7/19/2005 FPGA BGA soldering successful More information
7/20/2005 FPGA bitstream loader written, tested with DAC on dspdev at 80MHz
8/10/2005 USB working at both full and high speed, RTOS getting closer to being finished

None yet. Let me know if you find anything wrong.

Copyright Info:
All schematics and software are released under the GNU GPL. See the COPYING file included with the source for more information. I do not guarantee the design of the hardware or software to be free of flaws. You are responsible for ensuring that it is suitable for your application. If you would be interested in using this design under a different license, please contact me for more information.

Update: No DSPcards available for purchase:
I did not recieve enough interest in a production run of DSPcards to proceed. Thanks for your interest.

Surface mount soldering information

Last updated 5/9/2006
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